Beta Block Quest
An early preview of my new game using a tiled, procedural 3D world engine with a focus on small memory footprints targetting embedded systems such as cellphones, tablets and portable consoles.

Similar to Minecraft and other tiled games, with full 3D range of over +/-2000000000 tiles in all 3 axes, +/-9000000000000000000 for a 64bit-ranged build (supported even on 32bit architectures) and raytraced dynamic soft shadows.

The engine is currently being tested on OMAP3 SoC embedded systems such as the OpenPandora console, BeagleBoard development board and Nokia N900.
It is also running on 32bit as well as 64bit PCs and Macs natively.
Currently a memory footprint as low as 50MB and a minimum of 350Mhz processor (ARM Cortex-A8) is achievable.

The game including graphics is less than 2MB currently.

First released as an entry in the Pandora Rebirth Competition.

(click to download OpenPandora version)

2012-03-31 02:20 (permanent link)
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